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Joining the gym has become a staple in most people's lives. We are constantly reminded through television and advertisement that exercising and a healthy diet are crucial to maintaining a clean lifestyle.

But how do you choose a gym? How do you know which gym is going to offer you what you need? With so many new options popping up everyday, it's hard to know which gym is right for you and your needs!

We try to make that decision as easy as possible by supplying you with the most up to date prices from the best gyms around!

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User Reviews

My old gym was getting too expensive for me so I began looking into the fees of other gyms and decided to come to Blackwood Fitness. Their membership fees were very reasonable considering the fantastic range of equipment, first class facilities and lovely staff.

Samuel - Blackwood Fitness

I wasn't ready to pay anymore money to my old gym as their price increases seemed unjustified. That's when I found Blackwood Fitness and I haven't looked back! Excellent gym, with excellent facilities and a wonderful staff!

Philips - Blackwood Fitness

It's not easy to join a new gym but the staff and trainers at Lifestyle Fitness in Marrackville made me feel very welcomed and I was settled into a new excercise regime in no time!

Tom - Lifestyle Fitness Marrickville

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